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The Vampira Diaries / Release Date: 12-11-2021

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Image of The Vampira Diaries / Release Date: 12-11-2021

The Vampira Diaries are a collection of Maila Nurmi's personal diaries starting from the year 1954 during her Hollywood rise to fame with the groundbreaking Vampira Show. Your contribution will help complete the ULTIMATE Vampira book featuring excerpts from her diaries in her own hand! This collection of Vampira memorabilia will feature some NEVER BEFORE SEEN rare unearthed photos, press releases, news clips from her personal scrapbook, and scores of photos from the inception of Vampira through 1954 and 1956. Pre-Order. Completion date 2020. Eight to ten week print schedule in the Winter of 2020. Expected release Early 2021. We will be updating on our social media pages. Thanks for your UNDYING support!